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It's a Quilt Thing! designs are available for use with the Statler Stitcher and the IntelliQuilter.

If you have time, pull up a chair, and spend some time wandering through the pattern files. If you are busy and dealing with deadlines, please take advantage of the search function or review the categories.

If you can't find that “perfect” pattern for your project, feel free to e-mail us. There are many additional patterns that haven't been added to the website, so please ask, I may have that pattern you are looking for!

Pay for your purchases using Paypal, or, if you prefer, by check or money order.

Upcoming Products
These items will be in stock soon
Item Name Date Expected
Flip Flops 1-L02035* 10/01/2015
Art Deco Border and Corner-L02034* 10/01/2015
Fawn E2E-L02029* 10/01/2015
Pumpkin Seed Border and Corner-L02008* 10/01/2015
Hands and Feet E2E 2-L02007* 09/01/2015
Cobblestone E2E-L02002* 09/01/2015
Spiral 3 E2E-L02001 09/01/2015
Wonky Loop E2E-L02000* 09/01/2015
Animal Farm E2E-L01939* 08/01/2015
Shaynas Border and Corner-L01937* 08/01/2015
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